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Praise for Bad Hair Day

"Anyone who has ever been insecure about anything regarding their looks will relate to Gabby McGee’s tale. It’s so easy to want the opposite of what you have, and what Gabby has is natural hair, while all her friends get theirs permed. Unfortunately, Gabby’s mom is adamant about natural hair, so Gabby’s stuck with what she’s got… until she hatches a plan that leads to another plan… and suddenly she’s in over her head!

Any great middle grade read has a memorable, authentic voice, and Gabby’s voice spoke to me so clearly, I might as well have been in the same room as her. She’s humorous and sweet, and even though she got herself in some trouble, I couldn’t help but cheer her on the whole time. I recommend BAD HAIR DAY for middle grade readers—both kids and adults."



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