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The Money Spell

New Release!

“Money, please money, grow for me. Grow money grow, grow like tree!” 
Isaiah needs money for the latest and greatest video game now! 
Can his grandmother's magic money spell help him create $150 out of thin air? Or is the “magic” that he creates all on his own the best way to get what he wants?

Bad Hair Day

Gabby McGee is a 12-year old girl trying to shed her “bad hair,” her parent’s strict rules, and her insecurities—all at the same time. If only she could change her hair from nappy, kinky, and unruly, to straight, long, and flowing, she could finally fit in. But she soon learns that going behind her mother’s back to get a chemical hair relaxer isn’t the way to do it. After a failed trip to the hair salon leaves her in debt, she devises a hair-brained scheme to pay it off, which involves her crush, a kiss, and a bake-off. Is it just crazy enough to work? Is changing her hair really what she wants? Or, could the money troubles of a classmate at her snooty private school cause her to change her attitude instead? 

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